Comfort Mobile and Fixed devices are aimed at people with less familiarity with technology who want to communicate instantly and easily. They are ideally designed for this purpose: with a large illuminated display, easy-to-read menu and comfortable keyboard. Additional features, such as emergency keys, loudspeaker, hearing aid compatibility, increase the sense of security of the elderly and make communication between family members easier

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Outdoor Conditions

The Strong series works perfectly in outdoor conditions. Trust it during bad weather while relaxing or working with gloves. The reinforced body, its certified – waterproof construction, the large keyboard, provide you with resistance to mistreatment and special weather and geographical conditions.

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Communication at Home

Maxcom devices can make home communication extremely simple and easy.

The illuminated screen, large keys and the corresponding large font help all age groups use the device successfully and feel secure.

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Classic Mobile with Traditional Keypad

It is the sleek and functional range of mobile phones with a Classic Keyboard and technical features that provide comfort and secure in everyday use

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Modern Design

It is as comfortable and easy to use and with a particularly clever, modern and ergonomic design.

You just enjoy using them!

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The joy of communication

An alternative idea from Maxcom are the Smartphones, designed to give everyone the joy of communication.

Technological design, functionality and excellent value for money make them absolutely accessible to users of all ages and under any circumstances

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Maxton Powered by Maxcom_small_2-4

Maxton Series - Powered by Maxcom

Maxcom enhances its products with its range of mobile phones Maxton Classic Phones and the Maxton Bluetooth Speakers!

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FitGo Series with Smartwatches & Smartband

The FitGo series with Smartwatch and Smartband enhance and support the everyday exercise of every active person. Monitor and improve your daily schedule with the applications and features that can offer

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Walkie Talkie

Walkie Talkie is the best choise for comminication during outdoor adventures, at home, camping, in a theme part, hiking or any other outdoor hobby or sport you are pleased to enjoy with others!

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Friendly Screen App

With the new Friendy Screen application, Smartphone apps become affordable, user friendly and easy to use.

Each user can enjoy the features of a Smartphone without losing the benefits of a traditional mobile phone

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Do you need more safety?

Find out what IP67 / IP68 certification can offer you

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