With the Maxcom Friendly Screen, you can enjoy all the features available at Smartphones without losing the benefits associated with traditional phones only.

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The most common features always at your fingertips

Calling and writing text messages are undoubtedly the most important features of any phone. In Friendly Screen we ensured that access to both of them is as straightforward as possible.

Large Font and Intuitive Menu

In the Friendly Screen, you can resize the font and icons at your convenience, and there is no room for accidental clicks. As the menu design was carefully tested, using the Friendly Screen is intuitive even for an inexperienced user.

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Protection and Security

There is an Emergency SOS Button on the homescreen of the Friendly Screen; so all you or your loved one needs to do in an emergency situation is just a single click to send an emergency text message, make an emergency phone call, or to send a sat-nav coordinates. The application can be protected against unintended or unauthorized change of settings by a password, which results in totally secure environment for a child or elderly person.

Customization and Extensions

While creating the application, our objective was to create an application customizable for every user to fit their personal needs. Therefore, there is nothing on the Friendly Screen you cannot customize! To learn more, go to the User Manual and tutorials.

Here you will find all the currently available mobiles with the “Friendly Screen” application

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Friendly Screen – Quick Start

Friendly Screen was co-created by the 2BIG s.r.o. company that has a long record of creating user friendly applications. Although we did our best to meet all your expectations, we cannot ensure 100% reliability. Any error that might appear is eliminated in the next updated version; at this point, however, we are not able to ensure a 100% flawlessness. What else is worth emphasizing is that the phone performance greatly depends on the service package the user has purchased from their service provider, and on the version of the Android system (Friendly Screen is supported by Android 2.1 or newer ones). Therefore, Maxcom S.A. shall not be liable for misperformance of the application and possible damage caused by the above mentioned factors such as data loss, limited functionality of the device, message delivery failure, no connection, etc. By downloading the Friendly Screen application or by purchasing the phone featured with the Friendly Screen application, the User shall waive their rights to any claims against Maxcom S.A. within the law. Furthermore, Maxcom SA emphasizes that the emergency SOS feature within the application must not be treated as a reliable method of calling for medical assistance, and under no circumstances should be treated as an alternative to calling for assistance. The emergency number in Europe is 112.

Maxcom S.A. states that the application and its tutorial might become unavailable at any moment.


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