Maxcom SA is a Polish company that has been active in the field of mobile and fixed telephony and telecoms in general for more than 16 years. Maxcom’s products cover a wide range of users and its proposals relate to our daily communication, emphasizing different users with different needs and bugdet. Offering budget-friendly solutions and incorporating on its mobile phones a philosophy where the mobile is there to offer comfort and flexibility to its user, Maxcom is one of the leading companies in Poland and in many countries of North and Central Europe, with a very good presence also in the countries of Southern Europe (in total it is active in 20 European countries).


During the MWC 2017, we had the opportunity to get to know the mobile phones of the Polish company (courtesy of Suzan Handy and Kristof Noga). At their booth we had the chance to see dozens of different models, which are essentially divided into 4 major categories …


In the first “Basic” category are the “Comfort” series devices, which are distinguished for their user – friendly orientation, with this category consisting of a wide range of feature phones, aimed at older mobile phone users who want a device that is able to meet their daily “Basic” need for communication. In fact, the Polish company on several of these devices has also introduced a SOS button, which really saves lives in case of need. Maxcom’s second product line of phones is in the “Classic” series, which deals with traditional mobile phones designed to meet the consumer demanding simple devices for their everyday needs.


Maxcom, however, offers more surprises in its product range, as the line-up of rugged smartphones features a range of devices for all those users who are looking for a super – durable phone that is specifically designed to withstand hardship and to mistreatment! All Maxcom’s rugged phones support IP67, which means simply that they are invulnerable. Finally, the “Smart” devices, which are distinguished for their high quality construction, their budget – friendly orientation and their remarkable tech specs, can not be missing from the Polish range of devices.


Seeing Maxcom’s devices at MWC’s booth, it’s clear that the Polish company has a really impressive range of devices that will certainly not leave any user, no matter what its special and particular need …


Check out the below video to get an idea of Maxcom’s remarkable suggestions …

Article Source: Digital Life


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