In case we need to leave an elderly person alone for a few hours, our constant stress is if everything goes well and how we can communicate with him / her or how he / she will contact us if necessary. And as the elderly is not so familiar with technology, a modern smartphone certainly can not meet this need.


Here comes MaxCom MM715BB a mobile perfect for the occassion. With large, legible keys, HD display and many helpfull features. It charges on its special base, accepts SIM and microSD card, has built-in flashlight, camera and FM radio. 


Its key point, however, is the supplied SOS braceletet! It is a rubber bracelet that wirelessly connects to the Bluetooth mobile phone and has a large emergency key. If something goes wrong, the elderly can simply keep it pressed for a while and this, through the mobile, will send a danger signal to the default contacts of relatives or friends. It is enough to be within 10 meters of the cell phone (indoors, 100 meters open).


The MaxCom MM715BB is the ideal phone for the elderly and with this you can eliminate your anxiety for your loved ones. See more in our detailed video.

Exclusive Representative and Official Distributor of Maxcom Products in Greece is the company Expus.

Article Source: Digital Life


Official Distributor of Maxcom Products in Greece