Mobile World Congress 2019


25 – 28 February 2019

Hall Congress Square Stand CS90

Revolutionary MAXCOM products at one’s fingertips!

Feature phones with applications and VoWiFi, easy-to-use smartphones with remote access, cells for special tasks resistant to… everything and multifunctional watches in the SMART version. These are just examples of revolutionary solutions presented by the Polish Maxcom brand at the MWC in Barcelona. From 25 to 28 February 2019, in Barcelona, is about to take place the Mobile World Congress. One of the exhibitors is the Polish Maxcom brand offering innovative solutions for the telecommunications industry and beyond. Maxcom is a modern, dynamically growing company with 18 years of experience in the consumer electronics industry. The company is a producer of mobile and stationary phones, which in a revolutionary way combining simplicity and classic solutions with modernity and applications that make life easier. The continuous development policy of Maxcom means constant optimization of existing products, and also further complementing the portfolio, including sports accessories and portable audio equipment. During this year’s trade fair in Barcelona you could meet with Maxcom experts, who will present the flagship solutions and the latest products offered by the brand and:

Discover a revolution through Smartphones - Maxcom MS459 Harmony

This unprecedented smartphone is a response to the needs of people who value tradition, but the conscious benefits of technological progress. The product combines the simplicity of use with the full capabilities of an Android smartphone. Inside the phone there is the greatest value of the product, which is the proprietary Maxcom software being a modification of the Android 7.0 system. The most characteristic feature is the unique on our market, access to the functions of the phone from a computer or other device at any time and place. The user can remotely modify his telephone settings by himself or by the indicated person. The ease of everyday use is invaluable here. The company conducted extensive qualitative research which allows the design of intuitive software that does not cause problems also for people with hearing impaired, poor eyesight or not the best movement of the fingers. From the outside, it is distinguished by a slim housing with physical navigation buttons, including a dedicated and multifunctional Support button, which in the case of an accident sends emergency messages with the location or calls the indicated number. It is not without reason that this product has been labeled as “Smartphone for everyone”.

Find an upcoming revolution in Classic Phones

Why is it worth it? Because such a hybrid has not been yet! The MAXCOM MK241 and MAXCOM MK281 models are classic phones with smartphone features such as Facebook applications, Google Maps, Games and more. All thanks to the dedicated KaiOS software. Maxcom is one of the few producers who will be the first to provide such devices on the market. The telephones have also been equipped with the latest mobile telephone network standards of the fourth generation, such as VoLTE and VoWiFi. Making calls with no coverage, avoiding expensive roaming charges and better call quality. All this guarantees security as well as saving time and money.

Meet with a reliable Smartphone in the Strong version

The STRONG telephone series has been designed for people working in difficult conditions and practicing extreme sports. We can find here both – classic telephones and… smartphones! Maxcom will show a new, rugged smartphone: MAXCOM MS571. Slim design with strong case, two cameras, fingerprint and HD+ display 16×9. These are just a few advantages that distinguish this unique model.

Connecting with tradition, a Comfort telephone palette

ICE and Support Buttons, charging stations and large convenient buttons. In addition, the design refers to “good old” solutions. Flip phones, stationary models with cellular connectivity as well as classics with a standard keyboard. Among them, it is worth testing the new MAXCOM MM751 model, which combines modern design with a wide range of helpful options for seniors, such as a high contrast screen, ICE and Support button, notification diode, font enlargement or comfortable USB Type C.

See a wide range of Classic Phone

CLASSIC telephones are easy to use, fashionable and convenient design with long battery life. They work well for home and business use. The flagship model MAXCOM CLASSIC MM330 with the largest display on the market in this category makes communication easier and more convenient than ever before.

Try Fitgo Sports accessories and waterproof speakers Maxton

Effective and extraordinary smartwatches, smartbands and strengthened Bluetooth speakers are a new, additional way to develop the Maxcom brand business. During the MWC, it will be possible to test the innovative, multi – purpose FitGo FW15 smartwatch. Smart watches in addition to a designer look, have a touch screen and a lot of useful functions such as a pedometer, measuring calories burned, monitoring sleep or receiving calls.

Maxcom has its own research and development department that takes on ever more bold challenges in terms of software or a revolutionary combination of ergonomics and attractive design. This approach makes the solutions offered by the brand are made to measure. The highest quality of products is confirmed by millions of models sold to telecommunications service providers, to chain stores, as well as to distributors and dealers in many countries around the world.


Official Representative of Maxcom Products in Greece