GITEX 2017 – Dubai

For the first time Maxcom participated at the most important event in the telecom industry in the Middle East – GITEX Dubai 2017 and had the opportunity with its own booth to present some of its new products.

MM320 / MM330  3G: Classic business phones that combine modern technologies and elegant design. Both models are distinguished by a solid and elegant metal housing. Attention is also drawn to the fashionable “chromed” color of the device. The display with a 3.2 “diagonal  and the possibility of expanding the display font by a dozen times is exceptional. It is worth to notice that these are the only barfon devices on the market with such a large color display. Built-in camera allows you to make good quality photos and videos. Thanks to their unique features, these phones will be an ideal choice for the elderly, but also successfully prove themselves in business use.

Maxcom Comfort MM831 3G: Classic, elegant “flap” 3G readable display and operation HAC (Hearing Aid Compatibility). What’s more, the model has 3 LED indicators informing about the voice connection, SMS and battery level without opening the device. The phone also has all the facilities for the elderly – a dedicated SOS and ICE button, as well as the possibility of multiplying the  font size. The phone is extremely handy and slim. The designer’s charger itself is also unique, designed to act as an aesthetic docking station.

Maxcom Smart MS553 LTE: a powerful Smartphone in a 5.5″ housing with a fingerprint reader. This smartphone is a real multimedia machine with a good quality camera and the latest operating system Android 6.0. providing constant access to Google Stare’s game package and applications. This device has above-average parameters at an attractive price.

Maxcom Strong MM920: another model in the dynamically developed Strong family. Resistant to water, dust and mud – ideal for special tasks. Attention is drawn to the extra large 2.8″ display and a capacious battery that allows you to use the phone for a week without charging. In addition, the model has a reinforced flashlight with a dedicated button on the rubberised housing.

Maxcom also had the opportunity to present the Friendly Screen a Smartphone application intended for older users. This application allows the use of touch devices in the simplified version. Application colors and the ability to enlarge fonts, as well as the message reader, make the elderly enjoy the latest technology!

Recently developed by Maxcom and were presented in the Middle East exhibition also the fixed range phones, including  MM35DMM28D and MM29D 3G, functional and comfortable landlines, ideal for both home and office use. In addition, the Maxcom MM29D connects to the 3G network. This model will be perfect both at home and in the company, and wherever there is no possibility of connecting a traditional landline phone, and there is a range of mobile telephony. This model will be perfect both at home and office or for any place where there is no possible connection in a traditional landline phone and there is an available mobile connection

Maxcom office equipment is also characterized by the function of a virtual control panel operating on the principle of transferring connections between individual devices, especially useful for small and medium-sized companies.

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